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These courses are the next best thing to having a one-on-one session with a professional. They all include guided videos that walk you through step-by-step of the module, directs you on what to do, and provides written downloadable forms for you

  • You are tired of people taking advantage of your kindness and want to learn how to set healthy boundaries and limits

  • You want to improve your communication skills and learn how to assert yourself

  • You’ve experienced a loss or close death and can’t seem to get out of the funk your in and you’re tired to being sad

  • You want to advance in your career and want to learn strategies to help you get to the next level

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Dr. Nicole L. Arkadie

Dr. Nicole L. Arkadie is an international speaker who is known as America’s #1 mental wellness expert who is the founder and CEO of A & A Counseling & Wellness Services, that provides a holistic approach to mental health therapy. Dr. Nicole teaches at a local University and researches positive and negative emotional responses. She hosts a weekly podcast show that taps into the challenges professional working mothers experience, helping motivate them towards mental wellness. Dr. Nicole has published several books that are all centered around empowering and inspiring women towards transformation. She has spoken at various churches, schools, agencies, organizations, and companies on topics related to mental wellness with the goal of breaking the stigma of mental illness. Dr. Nicole is a serial entrepreneur who has founded three different successful businesses. She is the mother of three and the wife of a pastor who enjoys spending time with her family while creating content that helps inspire others towards positive change. Dr. Nicole is passionate about sharing information and knowledge with others, which is why she started A & A Wellness Academy

Dr. Nicole Arkadie

Senior Instructor